Dear user/colleague/teacher,

The ISQ offers a free service for all persons who work in the educational sector of the federal states of Berlin and Brandenburg. If you register, you can use the password protected area to organise, carry out your survey and receive your results.

Please note that the ISQ portal offers only teaching evaluation questionnaires in English.

How to register

You need an email address, preferably a pseudonym so that no conclusions about your person or affiliation to your school are possible. Choose a self-created and secure password. Agree to the terms and conditions of use.

After registration you will receive a confirmation email. When you have confirmed this email you can use the online portal and start your survey.

How to carry out your survey


Sign in using your SEP account and create your new survey. Choose the learner group that you want to question and decide how you want to distribute the TAN (either in print form or via email). Compile the questionnaire and add your own questions. Choose the design for your survey. After the survey is published, the TANs are created automatically.

Carrying out the survey

The students and the teacher go to and open the survey via TAN. Then fill in the questionnaire. After all questions have been answered, the survey can be closed (the TAN expires). 


Sign into your SEP account and close the survey (at least five participants and yourself must have carried out the survey). After that the results can be downloaded. 

If you need more information, then click on the introduction below: 

How to use the self-evaluation portal